Terms and Conditions

  • Students must be enrolled before they may participate in class.
  • Enrolment is for the year and will roll over each term. – there is no requirement to re-enrol each term
  • Students should arrive at the Academy with adequate time to dress or prepare properly.
  • Students are asked to wait quietly  until the commencement of their class when they will be called into the studio.
  • Students are not to enter the studios without a teacher present.
  • Students should wear the correct uniform for their level at all times and hair must be tied back or up in a bun from grade 1.
  • No street shoes are allowed within the studios as this may damage the special dance vinyl.
  • No jewelry of any kind is allowed to be worn in class.
  • Chewing gum is not permitted at the Academy.
  • The Academy must be advised if a student cannot attend class.  We can not stress enough that regular attendance at classes builds confidence and success for students.
  • Walking is permitted around the Academy – running is not.
  • At the end of each term we invite parents/caregivers to come and observe their child’s classes during viewing week other times will be at the sole discretion of the Academy.
  • Parents of students under the age of 7 must remain on the premises for the duration of the students class.
  • Students are not be left for extended periods prior to or after class as there is no extended supervision provided.
  • Videos and Photography – as a condition of enrolment your child may be videoed or photographed during classes.  This may be used in publicity for studio promotions.  No personal videos or photos are to be taken of any student during class time unless approved by the Academy.
  • Fees – All term fees must be paid in full by the beginning of each term, a 10% fee will be charged on outstanding fees.
  • No refunds of fee will be provided. We may roll over the fees to the following term (in a calendar year) if a student has been unable to commence due to injury.  A medical certificate must be provided.
  • Where Convid19 effects EnPointe’s ability to provide lessons in the studio, then lessons will become digital.  There will be no refund in fees where digital classes are able to be provided.
  • All grades have a basic set fee which will not be pro-rated if a student can not make the scheduled classes.  We endeavor to alleviate this by offering a number of class times.
  • Vocational grades have a basic set fee which is not pro-rated if a class can not be attended.
  • Private lessons –  If you can not make a lesson due to unforeseen circumstance, like sickness then a minimum of 4 hours notice is required otherwise it will be charged for.  Every effort will be made to reschedule the class however this is not guaranteed.  All other circumstances require a  minimum of a 3 day notice period to cancel a lesson otherwise it will be charged for.
  • The Academy reserves the right to cancel classes or provide a substitute teacher.  Where the minimum number of classes offered hasn’t been achieved during the year then a credit will be carried forward to the following year.
  • A terms notice in writing is required for students (excluding Adult Classes) leaving the Academy. No refunds will be provided
  • Where a terms notice is not provided and the following term has commence then a cancellation fee of $50 will be applied.
  • All queries or concerns should be address to Office@enpointe.co.nz
  • The Academy will follow government guidelines under the traffic light system and will offer online classes for those students that are not able to attend due to vaccination status under the Red and Amber traffic light system.  No refunds will be available due to changing traffic lights.

aDvANCE Programme specific Terms and Conditions

  • Acceptance into the programme is for the year and is not on a term by term bases.
  • A non refundable deposit is required to confirm acceptance into the programme.  This is deducted from the programmes fee.
  • Fees may be paid in instalments as outlined in the acceptance letter, however should a payment be missed then the student will be stood down until such time as it is paid.
  • The programme fee is for the year (based 32 weeks) and is not calculated on a term by term bases.
  • Should a student need to withdraw on medical reasons then a refund of 50% (less the deposit) of the remaining period may be applied for. This is calculated from the date of the issue of the  medical certificate or date of advise of complete withdrawal from the programme, which ever is the later.  A medical certificate will be required.
  • Students who withdraw from the programme within the first 2 weeks, maybe refunded unused fees less the non refundable deposit.
  • Students who withdraw after the first 2 weeks of the programme will still be liable for all fees.
  • Acceptance into the programme for the following year is not guaranteed.

 Waiver Statement: Dance training and the athletic exercises associated with it place unusual stress on the body and carry the risk of physical injury. En Pointe  will not be liable in any way for injury sustained through participation in classes or related activities. Dance training involves physical ‘hands on’ adjustment of the student’s body by the tutor.

Unless notified to the contrary, it is understood that the parent/guardian grants permission for the management, faculty or staff of En Pointe to authorise any emergency medical care deemed necessary whilst on site.