ADvANCE Programme

We are delighted to be able to offer dancers a new programme in 2019 called  aDvANCE.

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We believe this comprehensive programme will prepare young dancers for future success by providing them with the necessary skills, strengths and confidence as they prepare to enter pre-professional training.

The programme will include:

Classical and pointe  – open technique and different methods e.g Vaganova

Repertoire – not just performing but exploring the history of repertoire

Character – open technique and history of

Contemporary – including open technique, improvisation and composition

Pilates – including stretch and strengthening

Yoga – including meditation

There are two programmes available:

aDvANCE  Full time  – This programme will run 5 days per week (Sunday to Thursday), approx 5 hours per day (9am to 3pm) and is open to students who are equivalent to RAD Advanced Foundation level and above or  from  14 years of age.  Optional Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus classes will also be available at a discounted rate.

aDvANCE  Part time (1 or 2 days) – Immerse into the full time programme 1 or 2 days per week (Sunday and Monday), approx 5 hours per day (9am to 3pm) and is open to students who are equivalent to RAD intermediate level and above or from 13 years of age.  The 1 day part time programme will be run on a Sunday.

You do not need to be a student at EnPointe to be part of either of these programmes.

Auditions are by arrangement

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