Adult Ballet Classes

Our Adult Ballet classes are tailored to the specific needs of Adults and we offer a variety of classes at many of levels incorporating Silver Swans in some classes:

  • Basic Beginners – this is for the Adult that has had no ballet or dance training and gets you ready to move into Beginners level.
  • Beginners – if you have danced  as a child then this would be the class to start at.
  • Beginners plus – if you have danced as a teenager then this is the class for you.
  • Discovering Repertoire – this is a new programme and is a step up from beginners plus which enable the student to learn and dance well know variations. Exams are offered but are not compulsory.
  • Grade 6 – this is an alternate to Discovering Repertoire and is a step up from beginners plus. Exams are offered but are not compulsory.
  • Open class – this is a step up from Discovering Rep and Grade 6.
  • Open Plus class – this is a step up from the open class and is most suited to the more advanced dancer.
  • Pre-Pointe Class – This will build your strength to enable a safe transition to pointe.
  • Pointe Class – you are required to be at beginners plus level to under take this class,  and have completed the pre-pointe class or already be on pointe.
  • Contemporary – this is an expressive style of dance which combines Classical and Modern techniques. These classes aim to release tension, increase body mobility and strength.
  • Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) – to supplement ballet training, building core strength.
  • Concert Class – for those wishing to be part of the end of year show – any level.


UNIFORM – Ballet shoes are required.  There is no uniform as such – wear whatever you feel most comfortable in.  A black camisole leotard and skirt will be required for exams however this can be discussed with your teacher closer to the time.


Adult Ballet

These class involve ballet movements to music adapted to everyone's own ability and the focus will be on fun whilst toning the body. Something for everyone including progressing ballet technique (PBT).
Adult BalletAttendanceFees*
Basic Beginners - absolutely no experienceOne 60 min lesson per week$173 per term
Beginners - some experience necessaryOne 60 min lesson per week
Beginners plus
-Previous experience necessary.
Discovering Repertoire lvl2 - a step up from beginners plus - optional exam
Grade 6 - an alternate to discovering repertoire
Open Class - a step up from beginners plus
Open plus - a step up from the Open Class, for the more experienced dancer
Adults Pre-Pointe One 30 minute lesson per week$90 per term in conjunction with an Adult ballet class otherwise $135 per term
Adults pointe - must have pointe experience or moving up from pre-pointe
Contemporary- Beginners, little or no experience in contemporary One 60min lesson per week$173 per term
Contemporary - Open, more suited to those with prior experienceOne 60min lesson per week$173 per term
Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT)One 60min lesson per week$173 per term
Concert Class 2020 - must be taken in conjunction with another class (any level) One 60min lesson per week $173 per term


*Tuition fees are based on a minimum of 32 weeks per year averaging 8 weeks per term, however some terms are longer, but no extra charge is made.  Tuition fees are payable by the first day of each term.

Additional exam lessons may be required prior to the exam and this will be charged for separately along with exam fees.